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Fast. Intuitive. Amazing.


Comet contains three wildly different post layouts: Titles-Only, Thumbnails, and Previews. Each layout has been meticulously designed to let reddit's content shine through. Each layout can be adjusted with the 'Super-Compact Mode' setting.

The Mediaviewer

Designed to combine a simple interface with fluid gestures, the Mediaviewer makes browsing image heavy subreddits a breeze. The Mediaviewer currently supports not only Reddit's native media but also over 20 other media hosting platforms.


Navigate comments with ease; Infinite scroll makes every thread that much better. Or jump through root comments with the highly customizable jump button.


A clean interface unifies subreddit and posts search, with an even more intuitive UI that allows you to filter those same results. View search results with all the same comforts as regular posts.


At the heart of the notifications tab is a cohesive experience that allows you to differentiate between replies and messages quickly. View context or reply with a single swipe. Comet's markdown editor will make responding to even the most mundane messages a pleasure.

And so much more...


Swipe left or right on the bottom to timetravel back or forth through your history.

Quick Actions

Force touch or long press the bottom bar from anywhere to get instant access to commonly used functions like search.


Comet maintains an offline record of the last 500 posts you've visited. Just tap 'History' under the account tab.


Maintain a collection of favorite subreddits with quick access from the subscriptions tab.

Imgur Album Viewer

Scroll through imgur albums like you would comments.

Auto Theme Change

Manually set the hour of day you want Comet to switch themes.

User Tagging

Tag users to keep track of your friends or enemies across Comet.

Table Viewer

View reddit's tables in a simple to understand popout view.

Default Home Subreddit

Change the default home subreddit to whatever you like.